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You can now control your entire smart home with a single command

Back in November, IFTTT rolled out one of the biggest redesigns the service has ever experienced.

In addition to a new site and a new look, what used to be referred to as recipes are now called applets. Brands with services on IFTTT were given special privileges for creating custom, multiservice applets. And the ability to share your personal applets was removed.

IFTTT also announced an upcoming, free tier called Maker for experienced users who wanted to do more with IFTTT applets. Yesterday, that Maker tier was finally released to the public. Here’s what it entails and why, if you have a smart home, you will want to use it.

What is the IFTTT Maker tier?

For those unfamiliar with IFTTT, the name stands for if this, then that. It’s an automation tool that specializes in bridging the gap between various online services and connected hardware.

For example, if you want to automatically tweet everything you post to Facebook, you can do that with IFTTT. You can also have IFTTT aggregate everything you save to Pocket into a single note in Evernote. Or a missed call on your Android phone can be added to your task list in Todoist. The possibilities seem nearly endless. The problem is, applets have always been limited to simple automations that adhere to a simple conditional statement: if this, then that.

Taylor Martin/CNET

The Maker tier changes that. It introduces filters and a very important conjunction, and, which makes multiple actions possible.


Taylor Martin/CNET

The addition of a filter makes it possible to make recipes that only run when certain conditions are true. For instance, you can have an applet turn on your smart…

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