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Yorba Linda students connecting with Jordanian orphans through art – Orange County Register

Yorba Linda High School students have created one-of-a-kind art pieces to help orphans in Jordan feel special.

Students in Carol Carson’s photography classes made the 23 pop art-inspired portraits for teenagers living in orphanages near Amman, Jordan’s most populous city.

“I wanted to bring very happy colors into the picture so that if they are feeling down, they can just look over at it and hopefully it will put a smile on their face,” said Justin Ehlen, a sophomore who created a portrait of 18-year-old Moath.

The YLHS students worked with photographs of the children provided by The Memory Project. Wisconsin resident Ben Schumaker launched the project in 2004 after volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala and learning the kids had few, if any, keepsakes.

“I thought wouldn’t it be cool if we got pictures from kids in orphanages and created portraits for them,” Schumaker said.

The digitally created portraits the Yorba Linda students made were for teens 16 to 19 years old who are aging out of orphanages and preparing to transition into independent living.

“For them, the portraits that the Yorba Linda students did will be like senior portraits,” Schumaker said. “Those teenagers are going to have those cool digital works that they made to take with them out into adulthood.”

Lindsey Sullivan, a 16-year-old junior, said she wanted to show the orphans there are people who care about them.

She used Photoshop to make a 1960s-inspired portrait for 18-year-old Amneh, whose favorite color is blue.

“It was a small kind deed,” Sullivan said. “I’m hoping that she would open it and just feel loved in knowing that there is someone out there that is thinking about her,…

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