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Year-End Content At Helps Employees With Stock Compensation Planning Ahead Of Major Tax Changes

Year-end is a key time for financial and tax planning among the millions of employees who have stock compensation or holdings of company shares. In 2017, year-end financial and tax planning can be tricky because of the major tax changes that are likely to occur in 2018 under legislation now in Congress. To help, provides education and guidance on major issues, decisions, and innovative financial-planning strategies for the end of 2017 and the start of 2018. This content is available in the website’s section Financial Planning: Year-End.

At year-end, with tax changes likely in the near future, multi-year planning is especially valuable with equity compensation. “You can control the timing of stock sales and option exercises, and you know when restricted stock/RSUs will vest,” notes Bruce Brumberg, the Editor-in-Chief of

Tax Brackets And Rates Affect Year-End Planning For Equity Compensation And Company Shares

Along with the financial- and tax-planning concepts that apply at the close of every year, in 2017 people with equity comp and company shares must still consider the ongoing impact of the tax changes that took effect under the American Taxpayer Relief Act and the Affordable Care Act.

Employees should also consider the major tax changes that are currently in Congress and are likely to be adopted soon, perhaps taking effect in 2018. These may include a simplification of individual income tax rates and the elimination of the AMT, which could result in a tax cut for many people who are now in the top tax bracket but also could result in a tax increase for others. For example, under the bill in the House of Representatives some taxpayers currently in the 33% tax bracket would move into the 35% bracket for…

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