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Wonder Woman: First reactions are overwhelming positive, brand it the best DCEU film yet

Has the DC cinematic universe been saved?

There’s been an enormous pressure on the franchise’s next installment, Wonder Woman, to deliver; first off, as that rare female-led blockbuster, finally handing a solo movie to one of DC’s most iconic characters, after more than 75 years on the page.

Also, as a potential saviour to DC’s struggling critical reception after Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, with near-constant rumours of behind-the-scenes drama, chaos, and uncertainty putting Warner Bros. in a tricky position when it comes to its unfolding future. 

Yet, it looks like Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot have managed to pull it off; though full reviews are still under embargo, critics were allowed to share some of their initial reactions on Twitter, and they’re pretty glowing. 

Here are a few highlights:







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