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Wise Yeti Announces Enhancements to Adventure Seeker Platform

Wise Yeti connects outdoor outfitters and adventurers easily and efficiently

Wise Yeti announces enhancements to their adventure seeker platform. The platform modernizes the way outdoor adventurers such as sky divers, mountain climbers, and hunters connect with the outfitters who provide expertise, equipment and related services. Wise Yeti connects outdoor outfitters and adventurers easily and efficiently by consolidating outdoor outfitters into a database by location and activity, and allowing Adventurers to request quotes with the click of a button.

Adventurers can select a location and activity, include details, hit submit and receive quotes back immediately from relevant outfitters. A built in chat allows for adventurers to ask questions and outfitters to sell their services and show what makes them unique. Adventurers seeking exciting outdoor actives from kayaking and swamp tours to fishing or hot air ballooning, no longer have to spend hours searching the internet and contacting multiple outfitters to compare prices and availability.

The updated platform gives outfitters their very own custom profile page which provides them the ability to house information, pictures, videos, ratings and contact information to help them promote and build their brand. They will be notified when an adventurer submits adventure details through the system, or if an Adventurer contacts the outfitter directly from their profile page.

Wise Yeti Spokesman Devon Bass says, “Wise Yeti is an extension of the Outfitters marketing team, and we’re here to provide solid leads to help their businesses grow. We look forward to working with our Outfitter partners to bring them more business, and more importantly, get people off…

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