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Why I wished Nigerian Christianity R.I.P. (2)

The hypnotic enslavement of Nigerian Christianity

Today, the worth of the Christian believer in the household of faith has become virtually tied to the size of his pocket. Some pastors claim to have the keys to God’s kingdom, so they grant access to whomever they wish. If not how do we make sense of this kind of message from a pastor at a big religious carnival in 2017: ‘The windows of heaven will be shut on those who do not pay their tithe.’ This statement was carried in a national newspaper. No one has come out to deny it. Invariably, this pastor must be the sole trustee of the keys of heaven! This sort of preaching is what is now in vogue in Nigerian Christianity. Pastors, well schooled in communication and marketing psychology have mastered the art of creating and instilling fear in the minds of believers, thus holding them in spiritual bondage. If things are tight for you, they ask you to check your tithe – nice play on words that conceal an acidic religious doctrine. The man who strikes his foot against a stone begins to feel that it is because he has not paid his tithe that such misfortune has befallen him. God is thus portrayed as a wicked deity who apportions both punishment and reward on the basis of tithing.

Furthermore, in the name of Jesus, some pastors today are resorting to primitive African traditional sorcery, superstition, and occultism in which human beings are at the mercy of the cold hands of dangerous forces of nature and deities constantly at war with one another. Although Jesus Christ came to liberate us from the palpable fear of this world of evil, some pastors today prefer to take Christians back to that worldview of primitive religious savagery and spiritual brutality, in which the life of the Christian believer is helplessly at the mercy of the influence and manipulation of dangerous spiritual forces. That is why many Christians today are living under paralysing fear. They feel that somebody or something is always after and…

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