President Trump unveiled his 2019 budget plan, here are five takeaways that will affect the American people.

President Trump’s budget proposal reflects his biggest priorities, putting funding behind initiatives like a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. It also calls to completely eliminate funding for initiatives that are, well, smaller priorities.

Those include after-school programs, public broadcasting and a NASA space telescope. The budget now goes to Congress, where last year even key Republican lawmakers rejected many of the same cuts.

Here’s a list of 64 proposed eliminations from the budget’s Major Savings and Reforms document, described as “an aggressive set of actions to redefine the proper role” of the federal government.

And it’s not all cuts: Here’s where the president wants to spend bigly.

Savings noted below are in comparison to 2017 funding, as listed in the document:

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Department of Agriculture

Funding for land acquisition by the Forest Service: $56 million 

A program that donates to school feeding programs in foreign countries: $202 million 

Economic opportunity programs for rural America: $103 million

Grants for rural water and wastewater programs: $509 million

Rural single family housing direct loans funding: $68 million

Department of Commerce

The Economic Development Administration, which provides grants to distressed communities: $251 million

Funding for a program aiding small and mid-sized manufacturers: $125 million

Funding for several National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration programs: $273 million

Department of Education

A program establishing before- and after-school learning centers for academic improvement: $1.19 billion

Grants for improved K-12 literacy instruction: $190 million

Need-based grants to help undergraduates attend…