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‘We’re going to ride it out’: Jerry Dipoto in no hurry to swing deal for injury-plagued Mariners

Dipoto is delighted with the way the Mariners have slogged through an ungodly run of adversity, which includes having four starting pitchers go on the disabled list. Yet he is adamant that he doesn’t need to make a trade to boost the rotation, at least not yet.

Jerry Dipoto laughed involuntarily when I asked him Thursday if, all things considered, he was happy for the Mariners to be sitting at the .500 mark following a two-game sweep of the Phillies.

It was the “all things considered” that warranted the gallows-humor reaction.

“I hate to laugh, but I’m laughing at our own pain,” he said.

You know the Mariners’ misery index: Four of their five prospective starters are on the disabled list, along with a slew of relievers, along with their best offensive player for the first three weeks, outfielder Mitch Haniger. They also lost shortstop Jean Segura, who as of Thursday finally had enough plate appearances to qualify as the American League’s batting leader, for two weeks because of a hamstring strain.

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In that light, and mindful of the Mariners’ dreadful 2-8 start, it’s no wonder Dipoto is indeed delighted with the way they have slogged through an ungodly run of adversity to finally reach the break-even point.

“We have to count that as an achievement based on all we’ve had to handle,” he said.

But he’s also realistic enough to know that the formula the Mariners have used to weather the storm during the attrition of one starter after another won’t work forever.

“It’s almost impossible to envision it being sustainable over the course of the season,” he said. “But there’s no other alternative. We can’t complain. We’re playing with the hand we’ve been dealt.”

It has meant cobbling together a rotation out of a rotating crop of Tacoma hurlers and trying to slug their way to victory. What gives Dipoto solace — and is keeping…

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