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News & articles | GONE COLD | A family massacred, a case left cold

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. – Diana Maina slides the back door open and creeps inside her aunt’s tan and white suburban home.

The shades are drawn, keeping the bright, summer sun at bay, as cartoons whimsically play on the T.V., illuminating the room—revealing the gruesome acts that had unfolded days earlier.

Standing in the doorway of the kitchen, paralyzed with fear, the only thing she can see is blood.

“There was blood, like, on the walls, and it was really, really dark,” her big brown eyes growing wide as she recounts what she stumbled upon.

And bodies.

There were bodies everywhere she turned her gaze.

It was a massacre.

Her family was left beaten to death inside their home on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2007. Now, Cobb County Cold Case Unit detective John Dawes, the case’s original investigator, is taking another stab at the case, a decade later.

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Maina, then-21, was asleep when her aunt, Pauline Thande, woke her at 9:30 a.m., in a panic. She had been trying to get ahold of Maina’s aunt, Jane Kuria, without success. Her cousin, 11-year-old Peter “PK” Thande, had been staying with the family of four after arriving from Kenya.

Her other cousin, Owen Thande, who was living next door to Maina, had been to the house the day before to check on him, she recalled.

He told her that he looked through the side windows attached to the front door, but he couldn’t see anyone or hear anything. He didn’t see any signs of struggle or disarray.

Since he witnessed Jane’s black Toyota Corolla in the driveway in front of the two-car garage, she said, he just figured that someone picked the family up for dinner.

So, he left without any further investigation.

But by Wednesday morning, no one was answering the door or the phone.

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Maina, with her aunt in tow, drives the 15 minutes to…

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