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Tuesday evening links – AEI

1. Maps of the Day (above) show the top import good and top export good for each US state in 2016 based on trade data from the Census Bureau. Although only the top import good for each state is displayed above, the large majority of imports (~60%, see recent CD post) enter the US economy as intermediate inputs and capital goods (raw materials, parts, machinery, lumber, chemicals, steel, semiconductors, etc.) for US firms, who transform those inputs into final goods using American workers, and might end up leaving the country as a US export. For example, Oregon’s top import is computer and electronic parts and its top export is electronic goods, and it’s the same for New Mexico. Import tariffs and protectionism would make imported inputs more expensive for US producers and manufacturers, and would likely result in a decrease in US exports, which would lead to a reduction in US jobs in export industries. In other words, tariffs would be self-inflicted job and prosperity destruction.


2. Venn Diagram of the Day (above) was inspired by an appearance by New York Times senior editor and writer Bari Weiss on Bill Maher’s show last Friday. “The hard left is basically saying that it’s OK if a few innocent men go down with the ship if that’s what it takes to bring down the patriarchy. They hate zero tolerance on the right when it comes to drug policy, but they love zero tolerance when it comes to sexual misconduct. That’s a problem.”


3. Quotation of the Day on how #MeToo Infantilizes Women… and Men, from Heather Wilhelm’s National Review article “#MeToo’s Awkward Side Effects”:

It’s strangely Victorian. It’s also pretty darn anti-feminist, as far as I can see. Strangely, modern feminism seems to have shifted our cultural focus from supposed “empowerment” and “choice” to treating people like not-so-resourceful children. Well, never mind. We’re rolling, and…

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