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Trump’s budget would slash money for Sound Transit, Seattle bus and streetcar lines

Hardest hit under Trump’s new proposal would be Sound Transit’s Lynnwood Link project, which stands to lose nearly $1.2 billion in federal funding, half of the project’s entire cost.

President Donald Trump proposed $200 billion in new infrastructure spending on Monday, while at the same time reiterating his desire to slash funding on public transit infrastructure in Washington and across the country.

For the second consecutive year, Trump’s proposed budget would eliminate federal funding for future transit lines throughout Washington state, from Seattle’s downtown streetcar, to light rail between Northgate and Lynnwood, to a six-mile bus line in Spokane.

Both Trump’s budget and his infrastructure plan face very long odds of becoming law. While Trump asked for similar cuts to transit programs last year, the bipartisan budget agreement reached last week bears little resemblance to Trump’s proposal.

Trump’s proposed transit cuts

President Donald Trump’s budget would erase federal funding for eight transit projects across Washington state:

Lynnwood Link light rail, from Northgate to Lynnwood, $1.2 billion grant.

Federal Way Link, light rail between Angle Lake and Federal Way, $499 million grant.

Tacoma Link light-rail extension west of downtown, $75 million grant.

Center City Connector streetcar along First Avenue in Seattle, $75 million grant, but only $25 million in jeopardy.

Madison Street RapidRide bus line in Seattle, $60 million grant.

• Spokane Transit’s Central City Line bus-rapid transit, a six-mile east-west route through downtown, $54 million grant.

Swift 2 bus rapid-transit, from Canyon Park through Mill Creek, South Everett and Paine Field areas, $48 million grant.

Roosevelt RapidRide bus line in Seattle, through Eastlake and South Lake Union, $35 million grant.

Source: Federal Transit Administration

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