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Trump FEC Pick’s Twitter Goes Dark After Users Spot Anti-Protestant Links – Talking Points Memo

The Twitter account for President Trump’s new pick for the Federal Election Commission was reportedly made private Tuesday evening after other Twitter users began noticing some of the nominee’s past sharing of anti-Protestant posts.

The White House announced late Tuesday night that Trump was nominating Trey Trainor, a Texas lawyer who repeatedly clashed with the state’s campaign finance regulators, to serve on the Federal Election Commission. Trainor is being picked to serve the remainder of a six-year term that expires in 2021, according to the White House announcement Tuesday night, but it is not entirely clear which current commissioner he will be replacing.

While many election law experts were quick to point out Trainor’s reputation of fighting campaign finance regulation, others noticed the “interesting” tweets in his timeline.

By Wednesday morning, Trainor had made his Twitter feed private, but not before a few users took screen shots of some of his Tweets, including those that appeared to promote anti-Protestant podcasts.


Trainor appears to have tweeted out links to audio episodes posted by the hardline Catholic website, Church Militant. Trainor has appeared on a radio show hosted by the website in the past to talk about the litigation around the Planned Parenthood “sting” videos.

Trainor did not immediately respond to TPM’s inquiry about the deleted tweets.

The links he apparently tweeted more recently are to Church Militant posts claiming the superiority of Catholicism over other religions.

“Protestantism is poison,” reads the

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