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Trinity United Methodist collecting ‘flood buckets’ to be sent to hurricane victims | Local News

Trinity United Methodist Church in Grand Island has assembled 30 flood buckets to send to victims of Hurricane Harvey, with the possibility that church members will be asked to make additional donations to aid the victims of Hurricane Irma.

But the church has also been the collection point for churches throughout the area to send their buckets, so it collected more than 250 that were to be sent on to Lincoln.

The Rev. Kelly Karges of Trinity United Methodist said the flood buckets are five-gallon buckets with resealable lids that provide a wide variety of supplies that can help clean up a home, apartment or place of business following a flood.

Karges said the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has an online list that says the buckets should be filled with supplies that include “liquid laundry detergent, liquid household cleaner, dish soap, clothespins, a clothesline, sponges, trash bags, cleaning wipes, air freshener, insect repellent, (dish)washing gloves, work gloves, scouring pads, scrub brush and dust masks.”

While he quickly read that list off, the printed list gets even more specific. For example, it says an acceptable clothesline can either be a single 100-foot-long line or two 50-foot lines. The UMCOR site also says clotheslines can be made of either cotton or plastic.

Likewise, precisely seven sponges should be shipped, with UMCOR cautioning that nobody should ship a cellulose sponge “because of mold issues.” The seven sponges should also be removed from their wrappers before being shipped. UMCOR again is very precise in asking for the flood bucket to include exactly five scouring pads, which should also be removed from their wrappers prior to shipping. It specifies that people should not send stainless steel scouring pads and they should also avoid sending any scouring pads that have soap…

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