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Travel professionals tell Skaneateles audience how to see the world | Lifestyles

SKANEATELES — Skaneateles resident and travel professional Kathy Crelot told her audience to “take this journey together” during a gathering at the Sherwood Inn March 28.

Crelot spoke about Globus Family of Brands, one of the many travel suppliers she represents, and she also represents Florida-based Cruises Inc.

She discovered this position after she retired and was on a cruise that happened to include a lot of travel professionals. Having a passion for travel herself, she decided to become a representative.

“I accidentally got into the business, but it was meant to be,” Crelot said, noting she has traveled all her life either with the military or personally.

It’s a big world out there with plenty to see, so Crelot was thrilled to have Lori Nojaim, of Onondaga Hill and also a Globus representative, present as Nojaim is a former longtime representative for Royal Caribbean.

At the heart of the Globus brands is European river cruising, as this is how the company started. It has branched out to lead tours on rivers all over the world as well as land touring and ocean cruises.

“River cruising is all about the views and the destinations,” Nojaim said. “The secret to river cruising is every boat is the same width, as they all go through the same locks.”

What sets Globus’ cruises apart are the size of their staterooms. Their designers took the usual three-foot balcony in each room and instead added to the actual room with a seven-foot window for taking in the views.

These cruises don’t feature big shows. Instead, it is about the view and the ports of call along the way. On these boats, you arrive right in the middle of your destination.

“When you dock, you are literally in the middle of the site that you came to see,” Nojaim said.

The biggest decision once you have decided on a river cruise is which river and on what continent. Most people do start in Europe, she said.

The Rhine is known as the romantic Rhine because there are lots of castles. The Danube will take you to more cities and is usually cruised in portion because of its length.

A popular cruise is to start in Basel, Switzerland and cruise to Amsterdam or to do the trip in reverse. You can add trip extensions where you desire, too, if you want to stay a few days in Amsterdam, for example.

Then, there are special interest cruises. Wine, beer and culinary tours are popular. Some people prefer to be more active and adventurous, so there are active discovery cruises that could include biking, hiking or even kayaking. There are cruises that focus on history or religion.

Globus guides are what their guests most often talk about. It’s their knowledge.

“They bring it to life for you,” Nojaim said.

Nojaim went on to describe her company’s approach to land touring, which can often include some cruising. The most popular destinations have been Italy and the…

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