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Traffic news – New technology could end congestion and rush hour traffic in the UK | Cars | Life & Style


A new traffic light technology could see the end of rush hour traffic and congestion

A sophisticated “smart” traffic light system, which uses artificial intelligence to put an end to dreaded rush hour congestion, will be tested in the UK next year. 

The groundbreaking new technology uses sensors and cameras to detect and monitor speed and congestion at major junction points and parking spaces. 

Current traffic light systems work on sequences, but this new variant will prioritise certain types of vehicles and cyclists, to give them an easier path. 

Milton Keynes will be the first to trial the new technology in a £3million investment which will see 2,500 sensors and cameras be installed. 

These devices can also detect how pedestrians and motorists are using the roads at peak times.

Ambulances, emergency services vehicles, buses and cyclists will receive priority, with the smart traffic lights scanning through traffic to detect whenever one of these vehicles high-priority vehicles is queueing. 

The cutting-edge new system will be used to regulate traffic and congestion in real-time in an attempt to improve traffic flow.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, British motorists spend up to 32 hours a year in traffic jams. 

In an attempt to improve safety – as well as easing congestion – the traffic lights could also flag-up vulnerable road users, like cyclists, to lorry drivers. 

There is very limited intelligence to the current management of urban roads

Yang Lu, Chief Technology Officer at Vivacity Labs

A futuristic feature of these devices…

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