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Top Products Imported from China to Canada

Importing from China to Canada is vital for many countries. Being a developed nation, Canada is a country that is extremely wealthy, though its population is small for its size: merely 1/10 of the US population. Their manufacturing capability is also too limited to provide the demands of the market. Furthermore, more residents of the nation choose foreign merchandise compared to local products.

The following is a list of the top-rated Chinese imports. It includes electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc.

15. Food and Agricultural Merchandise

The Canadian diet is regularly shifting. Before, red meat used to control the market; now fruits and vegetables are in demand. These goods comprise of the following: dairy merchandise, cereal, lettuce, bananas and etc.

14. Aircraft Parts

The National Defense of the Canadian Government facilitates the aviation sector. Since the government continues to empower the defense industry, the demand for aircraft components is also increasing.

13. Boat Equipment

One of the causes why boat equipments are in demand in Canada is because production for these commodities is strictly supervised by domestic government guidelines. The most popular boating equipments comprise of compasses and outboard engines.

12. Construction Components

This division usually includes roofing components, flooring and vinyl windows.

11. Computers and Computer Software

The demand for computer software is driven by the education, entertainment, computing and IT industry in Canada. Computer sales increase along with the increasing demands for machines and software programs. Among the products that are in tremendous demand are the following: laptops, desktop computer, modems and software.

10. Electronic Products

Most small-scale scale suppliers in Canada for electronic products can’t supply enough merchandise for public consumption. This is where the demand for large scale global suppliers comes in, covering what the domestic industry can’t. The demand for electronic products covers a broad range of products, from diodes to transistors.

9. Furniture

Goods that are in demand for this section are computer workstations, desks and chairs, car seats, dining tables and etc.

8. Office and School Items

Writing materials such as paper, staples and paper clips are some of the office items that Canada imports from China. Japan and Germany previously provided these products to Canadian merchandisers.

7. Health Products

The huge healthcare system in Canada is praised across the globe. With the Canadian government’s drive towards improving their healthcare program, the need for health products and medical equipments follow. Products like canes, wheelchairs, radiology equipment and dialysis machines are in high demand by Canadian consumers.

6. Household Products and Appliances

As the population of Canada develops, the demand for items like lawn tools, kitchen appliances and plumbing materials are likewise increasing.

5. Heavy Equipment and…

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