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Tips on Keeping Up with the Changing Retail Industry


The retail experience has been changing drastically because of the Internet and the way it continues to shift and grow. How can one stay on top of the industry changes? How can a clothing store keep up with the Internet shopping experience?

The internet has changed and will continue to change the retail experience and the people of this technology based day shop in a different way because of those changes. One study, done by the IPG Media Lab indicates that the retail store shopper satisfaction is declining.

Many retail stores are trying to do the research and study what shoppers like and want in order to better serve their customers. The storefront is no longer the most important front for retail store owners. The most important front is a store owners’ online presence and a store owners’ advertising strategies.

The trick is to design more user experiences in more user friendly ways both offline and online. Here are some tips for store owners and how they can keep up with this rapidly changing retail industry:

· Branding

Branding your retail store and your stores online presence is very important; getting those brands to match and co-inside with each other is also important. If your company or store already has a brand and a slogan, then run with it. Take those brands online and use them on all of your press releases and social media.

· Social Media

Yes, social media is the new thing and anyone who is anyone has a facebook and a twitter account; so what does that mean for your store? Any store that wants to be successful and thrive in this internet driven culture needs to have social media account. Your store must not only have social media accounts you have to use them and keep them updated and respond to your customers’ comments and inquiries.

· PR

Another good thing to be aware of and in charge of is your stores’ public relations or PR. This means that you manage the flow of information that goes on between the store and the rest of the…

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