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Tiffany Haddish thanks her bullies for making her rich, forces George Stephanopoulos to dance

Tiffany Haddish has had a heck of a year after starring in “Girls Trip” and becoming the first black female comic to host “Saturday Night Live.” But none of that would have been possible without her childhood bullies, whom she now thanks for making her rich.

“I’m fixing to take all the mean stuff [those] bullies used to say about me and I’m going to make money off it,” Haddish said on “Good Morning America” today of her inspiration for her new memoir, “The Last Black Unicorn.”

She credited the unicorn analogy she uses in her book title to a nickname she used to get called in school because of the wart she had on her forehead.

“I used to get picked on school a lot. What I thought was a mole was a wart,” said Haddish. “I had a wart growing out of my forehead and it kind of looked like a horn and kids used to call me a dirty unicorn. It used to hurt my feelings really bad and I did things to myself that I probably shouldn’t have.”

But then she had the epiphany that “They’re saying this for a reason,” she added. “Obviously they like me because they’re looking at my horn. Obviously they’re into me. As I got older, I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m fixing to take all the mean stuff [those] bullies used to say about me and I’m going to make money off it.’”

In a personal victory of her own, she recalled a proud moment when singer Mary J. Blige thanked her for helping her get through a rough time after they met at Queen Latifah’s house.

“It was my birthday weekend and I went to DJ Khaled’s birthday party and I ran into Mary and she’s like, ‘I need to tell you something,’” Haddish recalled of their conversation. “’That day at La’s house, I was going through a lot and nobody knew about it at the time but you made me laugh so hard, you made me feel so good, it made me forget about all my problems and I just want to thank you so much for that.’ And I’m like, ‘You made me forget about…

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