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There’s A Reason Asthma Feels So Much Worse When You Have A Cold

During cold and flu season, Canadians across the country do their best to avoid viruses behind these illnesses. But for the over 2 million people in Canada suffering from asthma, there’s an even greater need to prevent the invasion of the viruses causing the common cold. It’s because the onset of this type of infection can lead to a troubling battle that may lead to asthma attacks as well as the need for hospitalization.

The link between these viruses and asthma has been documented for well over 40 years. It was first brought to light in the early 1970s, when researchers realized one of the most common common cold viruses, rhinovirus, seemed to put asthmatics as a higher risk for complications. Unfortunately, the technology was not in place to figure out exactly how the viruses were causing the trouble. All that could be done was to offer a warning for other doctors to look out for this combination.

As the ability to examine our bodies at the molecular level increased, so did our understanding of how asthma patients responded to the virus. By the end of the 1990s, a clearer picture of the process was in place. There appeared to be a…

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