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The Best Stretch Marks Cream to Fade Away Those Ugly Streaks

Stretch marks are common in women, but they are seen in men too. They are caused by rapid weight gain which most women endure after pregnancy. Stretch marks appear in men who gain body mass rapidly due to body building exercises or when they gain weight abnormally. Dermatologists usually recommend using a stretch marks cream for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.

When the body goes through a process of sudden weight gain or development, especially during adolescence, the fibrous and elastic inner layers of the skin stretch and tear. The stretch marks that are visible on the outside as streaks and lines are actually scars formed on the inner tissues. As they heal, the stretch marks change color from purplish red lines to bluish red and finally turn silvery white.

How Can Stretch Marks Affect You?

Stretch marks by themselves are not medically dangerous and do not harm your body. However, they are a fashion-conscious woman’s nightmare. Socially, stretch marks have low acceptance and are looked down as something ugly and heinous. An ordinary stretch marks cream merely moisturizes the skin and gives a false sense of relief. There are scientifically-advanced formulations available which deliver quick and visible results without causing any side effects.

There are various options available for women to make their stretch marks seem less obvious. Women who want quick relief often go for invasive methods of treatment, such as laser surgery, dermabrasion, or prescription retinoid. These methods do deliver results but also come with an element of risk. Besides, invasive forms of treatment are painful, inconvenient to undergo, and in most cases, prohibitively expensive. They are not within the budget of all women.

The use of a stretch marks cream is a viable option because it is safe and convenient to use and easily affordable too. However, the sheer number of creams available for stretch marks can affect the chances of making the right choice. You need a clinically…

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