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Terror warning: Al-Qaeda demand jihadis ATTACK US for Trump act of ‘BLATANT AGGRESSION’ | World | News


Spontaneous protests broke out in the region following Trump’s move

According to US-based SITE monitoring website, the terror group is calling on its supporters to carry out attacks on the US and its allies in response to the move by the Republican firebrand.

In a statement, the Islamist militant group said Trump’s decision was a result of “normalisation steps” between some Gulf Arab countries and Israel.

The group added: “The recognition of Jerusalem of the capital of the Zionist entity is blatant aggression by the Crusader Trump against the sanctities of Muslims.”

“It is also a clear challenge to the Muslim world that sees the centrality of the Palestinian cause.

“In the face of this serious events, we stand by our people in Palestine and support them with all we possess.

“If you do not move, God forbid, then tomorrow the holiest of places and the Muslims’ Qiblah, Mecca, will be sold and you will find then no one to defend it.”

Al-Qaeda then called on Muslims with money and weapons to help and asked Islamist militants to be ready to support Palestinians.

The branch of the terror group that made the statement, AQAP, was formed in 2009 when Al-Qaeda’s Saudi Arabia and Yemen groups came together.

The US has previously carried out a number of drone strikes on the group that has targeted its leaders.

In 2011 a drone strike…

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