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Sudhir Moravekar an ideal person who wrote his own Destiny

Look around yourselves and you will find many exciting things in life along with real life characters from whom there is lot to learn. Recently I came across a gem of a person called Sudhir Moravekar who’s life story, I suppose will be the best ever example of how a person can write his own destiny with shear dedication and hard work.

I came across his life story while I was searching for some odd topics on how to become a successful business entrepreneur. His story is entirely different from the many stories of other successful personalities. He started his journey towards becoming a businessman just by selling tea and bettle leaves. And now also when he is recognized as the most successful owner of a huge empire in hospitality industry, he never refuses what he was in the past. The other way he proudly describes from where he started and kept marching towards success just by adhering to some of his principles of life.

Among these principles hard work occupied prime importance. It’s a common scene in our daily life where we see that people are interested only in talking about others sometimes good and many times pinpointing the worst part. Such people called critics are always engaged in the activities of criticizing others. They are less bothered about their own progress so they hardly succeed in life.

Some of the important qualities seen in Sudhir Moravekar provide key to his unlimited success. He never chased his competitors and critics while proceeding towards his goals. Even if we say that it was his critics who gave him power to succeed it may not be wrong. They tried their best to cut his path in the earlier days itself by writing meaningless comments on his hotels and properties. But he never got irritated by all these things. Instead he increased his concentration to work towards building stronger business empire.

He showed a relaxed feeling towards criticism against his flagship company Panoramic Universal because he knew that the support of his…

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