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Study on Success Rates of Same-Day Dental Implants Published by Dr. Gregory Toback, Accomplished Westerly, RI Periodontist

Dr. Gregory Toback, Westerly, RI Periodontist, Contributes Research on Same-Day Dental Implants

We’re always focused on what’s going to give the best long-term predictability.

Dr. Gregory Toback published a recent study in the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry on the effectiveness of immediate load, or same-day, dental implants. Dr. Toback, who practices as a periodontist in Westerly, RI, specializes in implant dentistry and periodontal treatments. Through this study, along with eight other board-certified periodontists, Dr. Toback evaluated the health and aesthetic benefits of immediately placing and restoring dental implants.

With over 178 million Americans missing at least one tooth, According to the American College of Prosthodontists, tooth loss is ever prevalent in the United States. Now the gold standard in tooth replacement solutions, dental implants are frequently preferred by clinicians and patients for their natural appearance, reliability and convenience.

Dr. Toback, and his associates, offer same-day dental implants in which they are able to further the convenience of implants by immediately placing and restoring them, eliminating the need for patients to use temporary, removable restorations. Evaluating 35 patients over nine different private practices across the U.S., this study examined the clinical measures of health and success of this long-term cosmetic treatment. The team’s goal: to determine if immediately placed and restored implants in the cosmetic area of the mouth can be predictably accurate and successful.

The study found that not only were immediate load implants highly successful, but patients showed a high level of satisfaction with their treatment as well. By measuring the…

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