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Stephen Christian: From fronting Anberlin to becoming a worship leader

Moving from being the frontman of big selling, world touring rock band Anberlin to being the worship leader of a church in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been a gigantic change for STEPHEN CHRISTIAN. Tony Cummings reports.

Stephen Christian

Prior to the release of their fifth studio album ‘Dark Is The Way,
Light Is A Place’ by Anberlin, the alternative rock band from Winter
Haven, Florida, it was reported that they had sold over one million
albums. As that album went on to make number nine in Billboard’s album
chart and the subsequent release, 2012’s ‘Vital’, reached number 16 it
seemed likely that the band would continue on their successful way for
years to come. But then in January 2014 it was announced that Anberlin
would be disbanding after releasing their final album ‘Lowborn’. It
was what happened next that really shocked Anberlin’s legion of fans.
The group’s lead singer and songwriter Stephen Christian announced that he was
becoming a worship leader for a church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Stephen subsequently released his first solo project with BEC
Recordings, the worshipful ‘Wildfires’.

In February 2016 New Noise Magazine asked the rock star-turned-worship
leader whether he was missing his days with Anberlin. He was adamant
in his response. “I haven’t. First off, that sounds really sad. For
me, I really don’t. I’m not saying we were The Beatles or Bono, but by
personal standards of success, we had accomplished what we set out to
accomplish maybe five years before we ended. We got a chance to travel
the world and create records with great producers. We got the chance
to experience record labels and a tour bus, etc. I think that was one
of the sole contributing factors, that there wasn’t the next moment,
the next ‘what if?’ For us, we were so thankful to have the chance to
succeed, there wasn’t much left to do. The simple fact is I have two
beautiful toddlers and I get the chance to come home and sleep two
doors down from them. I have a wife who…

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