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STEM Toy Startup Jewelbots Launches “Take Your Daughter to Hack Day” to Get More Girls Coding

Jewelbots friendship bracelet teach girls ages 8-14 how to code.

Coding is the language of the future. This event is about making sure that all kids, regardless of gender or income, are prepared for that future.

Jewelbots, the STEM toy company that makes friendship bracelets that teaches kids to code, will host “Take Your Daughter to Hack Day,” a day long hackathon-like workshop for kids age 8 and up and their parents in various cities across the US and Australia.The event is open to all experience levels from beginner and pro and will feature crafts, face painting and food in addition to learning and creating code for the the Jewelbots connected hardware. Jewelbots wants all kids who are interested in coding to be able to take part, so the cost for the program will be just $10.

“All kids are welcome, but we specifically design our products with girls in mind, so we want to make sure they especially feel welcome and excited,” says Sara Chipps, cofounder and CEO of Jewelbots. “Jewelbots are about friendship and the purpose of these hack days are for kids to learn to code in a fun, collaborative and supportive environment.”

In recent years, the need to get more girls into programming is one that has come to the forefront. The number of women studying computer science as actually dropped from the mid 80s from 34% to 18%. This is a huge problem for these young women as computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States, and they are projected to grow at twice the rate as other jobs.

Based in NYC, Jewelbots are a connected toy that lets girls communicate with their friends and write their own real code using the Arduino open source software. Jewelbots was formed to help capture girls interest…

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