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Stefano De Stefano Is The Game Changer Who Can Beat Ted Cruz And Here’s How

Stefano de Stefano, a Houston resident, energy attorney and Republican primary challenger for the U.S. Senate, is helping to pave the way for future generations by focusing on and solving the issues facing Texans and Americans today. The soil is shifting in Texas; de Stefano is encouraged by the clear signs that Texans are ready for a firm break from Ted Cruz. For a long while it seemed that none but he would be willing to take on Cruz and the Bannonites; Stefano knew immediately, with none of the hesitancy of other Republicans in the state, that this was a necessary undertaking.

A Wide Spectrum of Support

Stefano has gained the support of a wide cross-section of citizens, from all socioeconomic backgrounds, Republican, Democrat and Independent alike. The #TiredOfTed hashtag is rapidly gaining followers along with the growing popularity of social media sites and Facebook pages like “Students for Stefano”, that promote that they are ready to have a reasonable, rational Republican who’s not afraid to reach across the aisle representing the interests of the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate in 2018.

Mica Mosbacher, a Houston-based Republican fundraiser who served as fundraiser in Cruz’s 2012 campaign, describes her frustration with the current situation as “extremely disappointed” and says she is “leaning toward supporting [Stefano de Stefano]”, according to Reuters “I was disenchanted with the Senate” she said, “I do find that Stefano is very impressive and would consider supporting him”, according to the Austin American Statesman

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