USA TODAY goes to the Apple hands on room to check out the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus and Apple Watch.

SAN FRANCISCO — Sorry folks, but spending $1,000 for a smartphone isn’t out of line.

There are many who will be jumping at the chance to be the first on their block to have the new iPhone X, out in November with the steepest price tag we’ve seen to date for a major smartphone. I’m with them in feeling that it’s an easy purchase.

To have the latest, and greatest, state of the art iPhone, the subject of device envy from coast to coast? We’re talking $2.75 a day for a year, or $50 monthly for 20 months.

This is the iPhone after all. The device we no doubt spend more time with than our wives and husbands, children, brothers and sisters. It awakes with us in the morning, taps us into our work lives with messages from the boss and co-workers, delivers texts from our friends, amuses us with games, YouTube clips, Snapchat and Instagram selfies and photos of our latest trip. We don’t have to wait for the evening news anymore—our phone delivers alert updates all day long—and who still looks at Facebook on a, gasp, computer? 

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Some say, well gee, at $1,000 the phone is creeping up to the price of a laptop computer. Well, duh, of course. Laptop and desktop sales have been declining for years, as we spend more time on our mobile phones, which are now more powerful and full-featured. As phones have gotten better and better, naturally the prices go up as well. 

I still swear by my MacBook Pro laptop. I do video, photo and audio…