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Shadow Ventures Launches BuiltTech Labs to Innovate AEC, Real Estate and Built Environments

While BuiltTech Labs provides an array of critical services, at its core, BuiltTech Labs is about creating a culture of innovation through our community,” Morck said. “Our community acts as a space for industry innovators to gather, share advice and grow professionally.

Technology industry veteran and founder of Shadow Ventures, K.P. Reddy has launched BuiltTech Labs, a closed ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors seeking to disrupt the Built Environment through invention. The Built Environment refers to the human-made surroundings where people live, work and play. It encompasses industries such as AEC (architecture, engineering, construction), finance, building products, infrastructure, security, utilities, logistics, real estate and facilities management; and technologies such as BIM, cloud/mobility, robotics, industrial IoT, machine learning/AI and blockchain. BuiltTech includes Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, PropTech and RealTech as well.

Steeped in innovation and building technology experience, Reddy co-founded the Combine, an innovation partner for corporations; created Shadow Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on building technology; and authored BIM for Building Owners and Developers. Recognizing forces at play to disrupt a long-stagnant industry, Reddy coined the “BuiltTech” category in 2017 to describe technologies that shape the future of planning, design, construction, management of building, infrastructure, and cities. BuiltTech Labs now establishes an ecosystem to accelerate innovation.

“The ubiquity of smart devices and platforms along with the low-cost proliferation of open/cloud computing and rapid prototyping create ripe opportunities for innovators and investors. The build environment is in desperate need of…

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