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Seahawks broadcaster and former Huskies QB Warren Moon denies sexual-harassment allegations

Warren Moon denies allegations that he sexually harassed former employee, Wendy Haskell, who filed a sexual harassment and battery lawsuit against him this week. But Haskell’s attorney says she believes her client has strong evidence to back up her allegations.

Seahawks broadcaster Warren Moon, a Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Washington Huskies quarterback, through his attorney denied the sexual harassment allegations made against him in a lawsuit filed by a former employee this week.

“Warren Moon has yet to be served with the lawsuit filed by Wendy Haskell, but he is aware of the claims contained in it,” attorney Daniel F. Fears said in a statement released to The Seattle Times on Thursday. “Mr. Moon denies the claims by Ms. Haskell. Mr. Moon contends these claims are meritless, and he has every intention to vigorously defend himself in court.”

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In a phone interview with The Seattle Times Thursday afternoon, Haskell’s attorney Diana Fitzgerald said Sports 1 Marketing, the company Moon founded and Haskell was employed at, has been served with the complaint and that service had been attempted on Moon.

Fitzgerald said she’s aware that Moon has denied the allegations, but said she’s seen her client’s evidence, “and I’m certain we will…

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