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‘Scientology separates you from family and friends – so stay away’

Zeni Bundo outside the Church of Scientology community centre in Firhouse, Dublin Photo: Mark Condren

A man who became involved with the Scientology movement in Dublin has issued a warning to those thinking of joining to stay away, claiming: “You end up with nothing.”

Zeni Bundo, who was a member of the new Scientology European Headquarters in Firhouse, warned: “Do not go near them. You will destroy your family and yourself.”

In an exclusive interview, the 31-year-old said he worked at the centre. He described the Firhouse base as a place where the goal is expensive health programmes as well as employing staff at below the minimum wage.

Zeni, who has left the Scientology group, said he was told to take a massive number of tablets as part of a ‘purification’ regime which cost him €1,800 to undergo. He is seeking legal advice regarding his employment, and will assist authorities in employment and revenue sectors.

In a statement, Scientology moved to clarify that all of the centre’s staff are in fact “religious volunteers”.

Zeni came from Albania 10 years ago and has lived and worked all over Ireland.

In September last year, a friend of his who had been involved with Scientology introduced him to the group, which was about to open its flagship HQ in south Dublin.

“I thought I could maybe get a job there, and that was the aim. It looked really modern and new and I thought it could be a good place to work,” said Zeni.

His girlfriend became involved and he said the…

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