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Reminder Rosie Helps Patients with Memory Loss Achieve 80 Percent Medication Compliance in Home Care Agency Pilot Study

Amy Agrimson’s 94-year-old father is able to live in an independent living apartment with help of Reminder Rosie.

The Reminder Rosie, a device that reminds memory loss sufferers to take their medication and complete daily tasks, received high marks from a Toronto government home care agency following a pilot study measuring the device’s effectiveness at improving medication compliance in patients with memory loss.

The three-month study conducted by the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre (TC-CCAC) found that Reminder Rosie helped 86 percent of patients with poor medication compliance achieve 80 percent compliance. The small but qualitative study of 11 patients found Reminder Rosie to be especially helpful for those with mild dementia and cognitive impairment. The study projected that annual savings from time spent by home care professionals could range between $3,000 and $6,000 with the use of a Reminder Rosie.

Manufactured by LifeAssist Technologies Inc. of San Francisco and available through Harris Communications Inc., Reminder Rosie is a voice reminder alarm clock that allows caregivers to record up to 25 personalized messages in any language. Hearing these messages in a familiar voice has been proven by LifeAssist to deliver the highest level of medication and task adherence.

Reminder Rosie’s high adoptability by cognitively challenged patients is due to its ease of use, said inventor Gary Rotman, whose father’s dementia inspired him to create the Reminder Rosie. Rotman serves as vice president of channel sales for LifeAssist Technologies.

“You don’t have to learn anything new and Rosie looks like a familiar digital alarm clock from the 1980s,” Rotman said. “All you have to do is record your messages…

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