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Rembrandt self-portrait makes American debut in Pasadena – Orange County Register

Rembrandt’s painting, “Self Portrait at the Age of 34,” on loan from the National Gallery in London, is on display at the Norton Simon Museum Friday through March 5 — the first time it’s been on American soil.

Born in Leiden, Netherlands in 1606, Rembrandt was a well-rounded artist, painting, printmaking and drawing. He lived in Amsterdam from 1631 until his death in 1669. It was there that he created “Self Portrait at the Age of 34” in 1640.

“It is significant on several scores because it was painted at a time when he was very successful, and that’s acknowledged in a number of clues in the painting,” Norton Simon Museum curator Gloria Williams said, referencing his dress and pose.

‘It’s also a time when Amsterdam was the center of the European art market and Rembrandt was a huge collector in his own right,” Williams said, “so he frequented the auctions and he also frequented the growing collections in the city.”

Rembrandt created between 80-100 self-portraits in various media, but there are only two of his “selfie” paintings in Southern California — one at the

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