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Quilt Sew Easy opens in Mint Hill

Quilt Sew Easy will open in downtown Mint Hill on September 16.

On September 16, Quilt Sew Easy will open it’s doors in Mint Hill.

“I want people to know that they can quilt,” says owner Beth Huneycutt. “Someone who has never ever sat in front of the sewing machine before, after taking a class, will be able to make a quilt top and be able to enjoy themselves.”

Huneycutt didn’t always believe that herself. Her own mother didn’t quilt, and though her grandmother did, she wasn’t very interested in picking up her grandparents’ crafty pursuits. “My dad’s mother crocheted, and I remember those days she would try to get me interested in it, and I just wasn’t at the time,” says Huneycutt. “It wasn’t until I found out that we were going to be grandparents that I thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to dust off that old sewing machine I have and start to sew.’”

Huneycutt started with small items like bags, placemats and coasters, but she soon took an interest in quilting. “It was a stress reliever for me,” says Huneycutt. “It was something that was calming, and you can get pretty instant gratification from it.” Huneycutt gathered quilting knowledge from her mother-in-law, books and classes. “The more classes I took, the more I enjoyed it,” she says.

Opening a quilting store is a major departure from Huneycutt’s twenty-five years spent in the corporate world. Huneycutt first thought of opening Quilt Sew Easy when she left her corporate role with Family Dollar in Matthews in 2016, but there were issues with the location she wanted in downtown Mint Hill. When the issues surrounding the building proved insurmountable, Huneycutt accepted a position with a technology facility company in Chicago, to which she commuted weekly from her home in Mint Hill.

When the building Huneycutt originally wanted came available for rent again, she jumped at the chance to follow her passion. “I would drive by it on the way to work, and I could…

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