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Planned Parenthood, Lasker Foundation Award Winner

This week, Hillary Clinton released What Happened, a chronicle of her failed 2016 presidential campaign, and she devotes a section to the state of “reproductive rights” in the U.S. In it, Clinton takes issue with her primary opponent Bernie Sanders’s charge that Planned Parenthood is just another part of the “establishment.”

“Few organizations are as intimately connected to the day-to-day lives of Americans . . . as Planned Parenthood, and few are under more persistent attack,” Clinton counters. “I’m not sure what’s ‘establishment’ about that . . . ”

Though Clinton wasn’t willing to deem Planned Parenthood “establishment” when she penned her book, perhaps she will be now that the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation is honoring the organization with its annual Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award. This is widely considered one of the most prestigious awards in medicine and is often referred to as the “American Nobel,” because 86 previous awardees have gone on to win a Nobel Prize.

According to the foundation, Planned Parenthood will receive the award for its provision of “essential health services and reproductive care to millions of women for more than a century.” Past Lasker-Bloomberg awards have gone to public figures such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and even Lyndon B. Johnson.

This award, granted by one of the most influential groups in medical research, bestows on the abortion provider yet another medal of honor from the powers that be, another indisputable piece of evidence that, in American public life, it doesn’t get much more “establishment” than Planned Parenthood. It would be absurd to suggest otherwise.

For instance, consider that Planned Parenthood collects over half a billion federal dollars every year in Medicaid reimbursements, and has for nearly five decades. Removing that funding to keep taxpayer dollars from funding abortions has been a…

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