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Phoenix Band Monika Almon goes from Foreclosure to Hollywood

“Monika and Almon… are creating music that pushes the boundaries of the genres.” -Ariel Chobaz, Grammy® Nominated Mix/Sound Engineer

In an inspiring turnaround, a relatively unknown married pop duo MONIKA ALMON have gone from foreclosing on their home to earning the support and backing of music industry heavy hitters.

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more passionate duo than Monika Almon.“

Karlie Hustle, Beats1 Radio + Apple Music

“Monika and Almon… are creating music that pushes the boundaries of the genres.”

Ariel Chobaz, Grammy® Nominated Mix/Sound Engineer

“talented partners, spouses and lifelong friends… whose passion for music goes beyond the recording studio.. Watch this power music couple take over!!!!”

Rachel Cole, NBC 12 News

In a Cinderella story of sorts this musical duo has found a way to not only garner the attention and support from names like Ariel Chobaz, a Grammy® nominated Mix and Sound Engineer, and Karlie Hustle, the Music Manager for Beats1 Radio + Apple Music, but they’ve been able to thrive as a couple for over 15 years.

In 2009 they released their first album and soon after found themselves struggling financially. Almon was laid off from work and, like so many people at this time, they were upside-down on a home they could no longer afford. Through tears and hard choices, they decided the only option was to let go of their home and soon after their car. Opting to ride bikes for over a year and a half as a way to save so they could continue working on music, Almon suffered an injury. Adding to an already stressful situation, his injury left him unable to work and without health insurance.

These hard times have brought them closer together and have helped to form an even…

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