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Provo—BYU Law, a leading national law school focused on innovation in Corpus Linguistics, Entrepreneurship, Social Justice and Religious Freedom, announces the appointment of James A. Heilpern and Sara White as Corpus Linguistics Research Fellows. These two new fulltime fellowship positions, made possible by a grant, were created as part of the school’s commitment to pioneering the emerging field of the Law and Corpus Linguistics, a methodology for understanding the meaning of words by analyzing naturally occurring language in large collections of texts called “corpora.” The Research Fellows will support fulltime BYU Law faculty chosen to oversee development of the corpus linguistics program, including Dean Gordon Smith and professors John Fee, D. Carolina Núñez and Michalyn Steele. This investment is part of a range of new appointments, platforms and programs being developed around this emerging area of the law. BYU Law has created the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), a billion-world online corpus-based study of language and culture; and the Corpus of Historical American English (COHA), which identifies semantic changes and illustrates a word’s increasing or decreasing popularity. BYU Law is also building the Corpus of Supreme Court of the United States (COSCOTUS) and the Corpus of Founding era American English (COFEA), which examines the meaning of words at the time the Constitution was drafted. For the past four years, BYU Law has offered the only course on law and corpus linguistics in the United States. BYU Law is also facilitating discussions about and application of corpus linguistics within the law with symposiums, workshops and soon-to-be-released online tools and platforms for corpus research and practical corpus use. In his role as Law and Corpus Linguistics Fellow, Heilpern will work with BYU Law faculty to generate academic writing, scholarship and amicus curiae briefs pertaining to the legal corpus linguistics field….

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