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Panasonic DMC FH25K Provides Friendly Cost


Panasonic represents a fantastic come back with the item DMC FH25K, the 16.1 Mega Pixels together with 8x zooming power that worth’s a wide angle stabilization of the image. Try a new experience with the extraordinary 2.7 inch black LCD. You can pick yours since the product has been provided to you on several colors: black, blue, red, silver, and purple.


Price: Panasonic DMC FH25K provides you a friendly cost: $179.99 as in listing. But with a reduced transportation price, you are obtaining this item at no more than $129.99, so it looks you can save $50.00 (28%). As Special package, you can procure it at $147.54 in a package with these items: DMC FH25K at $129.99, Transcend 8GB SDHC storage card at $9.60, Camera case Class logic TBC-320 (black) at $7.95


Product details


Weight: 1 pounds 


Dimensions: 3.9 inches x 1.1 inches x 2.2 inches


product number: DMC FH25K 


Transportation: solely with U.S. and also to address- APO/FPO


Product description


DMC FH25K has 16.1 MP high high quality images shooting with a 28mm wide angle Leica DC super lens with 8x zooming. It too has a 2.7 inch LCD and 720 pixels high definition video clip recording.


Venus Engine(version 6)


The Venus Engine 6 improves the processing of high high quality signals with tremendous and good resolution engineering. The separation of chromatic interference and luminance noise is done by NR (noise reduction) system. Therefore magnificent and high excellent images can be captured up to sensitivity of ISO 1600. It enables attractive night shots and indoor images.


Intelligent Auto mode


The IA (means Intelligent Auto) mode enables two functions named Auto Face-tracking and Intelligent Exposure. AF retains locking any target still, and Intelligent Exposure helps to improve the exposure for each component of the of frame. It has automatic backlight detection. 


Other features of IA engaged with detection button that include the following:



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