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NRA crashes 38000 websites in futile effort to silence The Yes Men – The Daily Dot

A legal notice filed by the National Rifle Association over a parody website has apparently caused roughly 38,000 websites to get knocked offline.

As reported by Motherboard, the NRA issued a takedown request in response to a fictitious NRA website promising to deliver “life-saving firearms” into “poor urban centers.”

An accompanying video, which bears the NRA’s logo and opens with scenes of police brutality targeting African-Americans, has been attributed to the world-famous Yes Men.

The Yes Men is an American activist duo comprised of Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos. They are known primarily for films in which they impersonate officials from various corporations and government agencies. Their ensuing pranks—in their latest film, The Yes Men Are Revolting, the pair targets organizations engaged in climate change denial—consistently underscore political and socioeconomic…

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