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North Korea ready to strike NOW as US bombers deployed to Guam | World | News

Washington has to its base on the Pacific territory, in a move that is set to antagonise Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un will find this move so provocative that we can expect North Korea will be preparing for a nuclear strike at this very moment, according to Dr Ramon Pacheco Pardo, a senior lecturer in international relations at King’s College London.

He told “North Korea has always said, ‘We are ready to counter any provocation from the US’, and I’m sure they will be making preparations in case of a strike now.”

Dr Pacheco explained North Korea would regard the B-2 deployment as a provocation, in the same way it would condemn any US military activity in the region.

He saidd: “If you look at North Korean policy, for a long period of time they have said that any military capability deployed by the US that is within reach of North Korea is a provocation, from their perspective.

“In the same way, they have said that military exercises, even if they are defensive exercises, between South Korea and the US, are a provocation.”

Kim Jong-un has already threatened a nuclear strike on Guam, in the wake of Donald Trump’s infamous “fire and fury” threat against his rogue regime.

North Korea threatened the US territory again in October, branding Guam “an advance base for invading”.

Getty / US Pacific Air Forces

Kim Jong-un is likely preparing for a nuclear strike NOW as US bombers deploy to Guam

US bomber drills conducted from Guam have previously been described as deliberate attempts to “threaten and blackmail” the secretive dictatorship.

Dr Pacheco warned the US is “preparing for all scenarios”, including a full-blown nuclear war with North Korea, as tensions escalate in the region.

He emphasised that the US has always been prepared for war with North Korea, but is simply much more explicit that this is a possibility in 2018.

Dr Pacheco said: “If you look at policy…

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