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New Yankees starter Sonny Gray describes his Brett Favre game

New Yankees hurler Sonny Gray, acquired in a trade with the A’s last week, takes a swing at some Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby.

Q: What is your mound mentality?
A: I think guys know I’m gonna kind of try and come right after ’em. Even in games like [Thursday], where I’m struggling and I walked four guys, I don’t think anyone thinks I’m nibbling. I’m still trying to come right at guys. It’s just sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I love the one-on-battle, and then that battle’s over and there’s another one-on-one battle. And sometimes you get him, sometimes they get you. You just hope you can get ’em a lot more than they get you.

Q: You’ve been described as a bulldog and an assassin.
A: (Chuckle) They called me the Baby-Faced Assassin in Oakland. I think both of those labels are huge compliments. So just to have any of those terms kind of associated with you from anyone’s mouth is a cool complement.

Q: You and your father Jesse dreamed about you being a professional baseball player. He died in 2004. I’m guessing not a day goes by that you don’t think about him.
A: Yeah, you see in my hat, I have a couple of things written in my hat, he’s always there (turns over hat).

Q: I see the “DAD” written on this side. What’s that other one? “FAH”?
A: It’s a term from college. It means F–k All Hitters (laugh).

Q: When did you put that up there?
A: It’s been there forever.

Q: It’s never been written?
A: I never told anybody what it means (chuckle).

Q: I can use that, right?
A: Yeah, I mean, if you can use it in a good way (laugh).

Q: How proud would your dad be knowing you’re a New York Yankee?
A: He’d be one of the biggest fans that you’d ever meet. He’d always follow me and my sisters wherever we went. He’d be sitting on the front row of every game. That was just him.

Q: Explain how at 14 you threw four touchdown passes for Smyrna High the night your father Jesse passed away after a…

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