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New Baghunter Report Finds Replica Hermès Birkin Bags Plague Ebay and Other Online Marketplaces

While the photo only authentication services may have good intentions, they are actually contributing to the sales of counterfeit bags by providing authentication certificates which add trust to listings of fake handbags

An in-depth look into the Dangers of Buying a Hermès Birkin on eBay by ultra-luxury consignment service, Baghunter, has brought to light a range of serious hurdles faced by clients who seek the iconic bag on eBay and other online marketplaces. The article, which shows that counterfeits account for $500 billion of global imports, reveals some of the inventive methods used by untrustworthy sellers on eBay. It also looks into the rise of a parallel service of authenticating Hermès handbags listed on the auction website by photo only and why these services cannot provide sufficient evidence as to whether a bag is genuine or not by merely looking at a picture.

The increasingly cunning methods employed by untrustworthy sellers across online marketplaces include using pictures of authentic Hermès Birkin bags on fake listings and the purchase of 100% positive feedback accounts on the black market for use when selling counterfeit handbags. Another issue arises with online independent authentication services which offer a certificate of authentication based on photos of bags only. This method of authentication is open to many forms of abuse such as untrustworthy sellers sending stolen or edited pictures to receive an authentication certificate and then listing a replica bag with the accompanying certificate on eBay or another online marketplace. Adding to the risk is the impossibility of authenticating a Hermès handbag by photo only as intricate details are only verifiable when properly examined in person.

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