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Nevada legislative officials give local governments green light to allow marijuana lounges

Senate Democrats advance pot tax competing with governor’s

Recreational marijuana dispensaries have been open in Nevada for more than two months, but businesses like pot lounges could now start popping up across the state.

During this past legislative session, Senator Tick Segerblom proposed a bill that would allow local governments to grant licenses for businesses to offer marijuana consumption on-site.

In an interview with News 4-Fox 11 back in March, Segerblom said, “that’s what we do. We sell sex. We sell drugs. We sell gambling.”

His bill never made it to the governor’s desk, but now, it seems the issue has been revived thanks to a new opinion released by the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau this week.

The issue of where it is (and is not) legal to use marijuana has become even more pertinent now that recreational dispensaries are opening across Nevada. Segerblom said, “if we’re going to attract people to Nevada to use marijuana, which I think we are, then we need to find a place to use it.”

Of course, many tourists stay in hotels when they visit the Silver State, but because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, the drug is not allowed in any building where gambling takes place.

“They do not allow any type of cannabis consumption on site so that puts a lot of people in a tough spot,” Silver State Relief Inventory Director Ryan Woolrich said, “especially when they come here for the casinos and for those things. It really does put them between a rock and a hard place.”

An opinion released by the Legislative Counsel Bureau on Sunday could give tourists a safe place to use pot. It gives local governments the power to grant business licenses for on-site marijuana consumption.

Woolrich said he’s heard of similar businesses in other states where recreational pot is already legal. “I hear there’s some ‘bud & breakfasts’ and things like that; a lot of bars trying to, you know, have cannabis available for purchase as well.”

He said,…

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