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Need your doctor fast? Now there’s an app for that

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A new mobile medicine app that is being promoted as the ‘Facebook’ of health, connecting doctors and patients in an effortless manner, is now available to Jamaicans.

Known as eDocine, the app is the brainchild of Vilakis Innovations, a Jamaican technology company that partnered with a team of The University of the West Indies and University of Technology, Jamaica graduates who are professionals in medical sciences, finance, law, management, and IT solutions.

Barbadian Arvind Gopwani, a director of eDocine, told the Jamaica Observer that the app, which is currently available on Google Play Store, was designed to dramatically improve the overall traditional health care experience of Jamaicans, after his business partner encountered a patient whose condition worsened as it was too costly to do a follow-up doctor visit.

“He had just seen a new patient in his regular ‘walk-in’ clinic, ending with thorough follow-up care instructions. A month later, the patient returned to see the doctor, having felt unwell. Unfortunately, his initial condition had worsened and the doctor was confused as to why the patient took so long to return. The patient explained that he lived an hour away from the office and that the wait time for a walk-in clinic meant that he would have to take the day off from work.

“In addition to that, he would have had to save for an entire month to offset the cost of the visit and make the relevant arrangements for travel. This troubled the doctor immensely, as these factors ended up reducing the quality of care he could provide to his patient. He then realised that there is a need for a more accessible, efficient and affordable solution. Hence the concept of eDocine was borne,” Gopwani explained, adding that the aim is to disrupt the current healt care experience where long wait times, variable pricing, and…

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