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Authors of recently published books routinely are asked what their next project might be.

For Naples resident Dorothy Jane Mills, who gave readings from her recently published books at The Carlisle Naples on Monday, that question carries special resonance.

Not because she has written more than 30 books, covering everything from historical fiction to baseball to vegetarianism. Nor because her first three mystery novels, all taking place at a senior living community that is not unlike the Carlisle, recently rolled off the presses. But because Mills is approaching her 89th birthday. And, as prolific a writer as she has been throughout her life, one wonders how much longer she will choose to continue tapping away stories at her desktop computer.

“I have some ideas,” for new books she said, after her reading at the the Carlisle, where she is a resident. “But they haven’t formed yet.”

When it comes to writing, Mills is a trooper. She fell in love with the craft in the 3rd grade and began putting out books more than 50 years ago. She’s never stopped and sees no reason to now.

“It’s what I love to do,” she says.

In fact, she’s something of a pioneer in what might be a new literary genre. She says she knows of only one other novel aimed at assisted living readers. So maybe call her new genre assist-lit, or geezer-lit. She herself uses the word, “geezer,” in her books. Today more than 1 million Americans live in assisted living communities,…