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Musician Q&A: Angela Soffe | Music

YAKIMA, Wash. — Most weeks, SCENE publishes a Q&A with a local band, musician or proprietor of a live music venue. This week we caught up with Angela Soffe of the aptly named Angela Soffe Band. Here are our Q’s and her A’s.

Band members: Angela Soffe, David Owens, Gavin Spurr, Martin Pittis, Luke Bissonette (and sometimes Dustin Rademacher)

Most recent local performance: Apple Tree Grill Concert Series, Aug. 19

Next local performance: Wine Down Wednesday at Wilridge Winery, 6-9 p.m. Sept. 27

SCENE: How would you describe your music? Is it loud? Aggressive? Thoughtful? Subdued? Can I dance to it?

Angela Soffe: Our music is warm, lively and at times thoughtful and subdued, depending on the venue. We’re a solid mix of Americana, bluegrass and folk: music people can dance or sit back and relax to it.

Live shows are a good blend of both upbeat, dancing bluegrass tunes along with more thoughtful ballads. Depending on the venue, we’ll lean more heavily one way or another. We’re loud enough for the crowd to feel every note, but not so loud you can’t think. The lyrics matter a lot in my songwriting, so I prefer clarity over volume.

S: How long have you been playing, and how long have you been playing with the lineup you have now?

AS: I’ve been playing Americana music since my early college days when I joined a touring folk-dance team. Our current band joined up two years ago and started out as a trio playing at wineries and restaurants. Now we’re a five-member band, but sometimes we perform as a duo or trio. All of us are pretty versatile and low-drama, which makes rehearsing and performing really rewarding.

S: Who are some of your primary musical influences and why? Do you sound like them, or is the influence more in terms of attitude and style?

AS: When I first discovered folk music in college, I fell in love with…

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