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Move Over LocalBitcoins – Qvolta Aims to Dethrone Reigning P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

· August 10, 2017 · 9:45 pm

With Qvolta’s MVP already going live and the pre-ICO just a handful of days away, the latest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platform has generated a lot of buzz. We examine the improvements Qvolta offers on its competitors, and give you a one stop shop for all events related to it.

The Problem with Current Platforms

The current P2P crypto-exchange platforms are all plagued with several convenience problems and handicaps, according to Kirill Murzin, CEO of Qvolta. For instance, the likes of Paxful, Bitkan, and Coinffeine lack scalability and fail to match the desired level of technical sophistication and hence have not seen wide scale adoption. On the other hand, platforms like Bitsquare require a high level of technical competence and therefore pose a barrier to entry for regular people who aren’t tech-savvy geeks. LocalBitcoins, the leading P2P platform, is notorious for charging a high fee.

Could Qvolta Be the Solution?

Qvolta seeks to fulfill the much-needed job of filling the above-mentioned void in the P2P crypto-exchange platform market by offering a reliable, quick, and convenient way to make crypto-transactions in popular local payment methods with fiat currency. They will offer transaction services for Bitcoin and Ethereum at the onset, and will gradually expand. Tariff plans can be bought with QVT tokens, which gives…

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