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Louisville Dog Wizard and Boston Sponsor Work Together to Save Lives

Patrick Messenger and Kathy Mahoney, who have never met in person.

It really takes a village, a set of incredible connections and a little bit of financial support to help make sure these dogs go from being days away from being put down to having a loving family … This is almost like a calling. Every time we save a dog it’s a miracle. – Kathy Mahoney

When Patrick Messenger, the owner of the Louisville Dog Wizard dog training franchise, got an email from someone affiliated with a central Kentucky shelter back in the Spring of 2014, he was pretty sure it was spam. The shelter representative said she had a tough case dog who needed someone to take him, train him and adopt him out – and she had a sponsor from Boston. Messenger replied with details and a quote, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t going anywhere.

Within a few days, Cash, the at-risk dog, had a new lease on life and a friendship between Messenger and Kathy Mahoney, the sponsor from Boston, had been struck. Now, three years later, that friendship continues and Mahoney and Messenger have saved the lives of more than 20 at-risk dogs from high-kill shelters in rural Kentucky.

“We rescued Cash and everything went well – we adopted him, trained and rehabilitated him, and found him a great home. After that, every few months I would get another email from a Kentucky shelter letting me know there was another dog and another opportunity to work with Kathy. Neither of us are affiliated with a specific shelter here in Kentucky, but we’ve built this great partnership that has saved many lives,” Messenger said. “It’s strange because we’ve never met, but Kathy feels like family. She’s an angel in the wings for these animals who are literally in a…

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