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Local authors Lisa Mangum and Daniel Coleman inspire writers of all ages

Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman, author of the “Wonderland” novels, spoke at the NSL Reads Writer’s Workshop on May 18 in North Salt Lake.

Two Utah authors, Lisa Mangum and Daniel Coleman, inspired adults and children alike at the Fantasy Writing Workshop presented by North Salt Lake Reads on Thursday evening.

This was NSL Reads’ second writing workshop and the kickoff for its annual story contest (now in its fourth year), which is open to all ages. When asked about participating in the contest, one of the attendees, 5-year-old Eltsie, said, “I’m going to do it. I’m really excited.”

Mangum, who began working in the publishing industry in 1997 and is now the managing editor for Shadow Mountain as well as the author of The Hourglass Door trilogy, shared her thoughts about writing fantasy. She discussed why the hero’s journey, a theme found in stories like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, is so popular and effective. The main character, Mangum told the audience, is “leaving the comfortable, facing adversity and facing the darkest night of their life to come out to light on the other side — to return home with a message that says, ‘I did it, and so can you.'”

According to Mangum, this journey becomes a great resource for writers…

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