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Laguna Beach festival highlights how kelp filters poisons in the ocean that kill marine life – Orange County Register

LAGUNA BEACH While the warm, tropical water of recent years has brought an amazing variety of unusual marine life to the ocean off Orange County, its affect on the ocean environment has been less enriching.

In the last two weeks, a number of female adult sea lions have stranded themselves and died. Scientists say the sea lions were poisoned by eating sardines and anchovies that fed on algae blooms that in large amounts can create neurotoxins.

The algae blooms, off Orange and Los Angeles, have been fueled by warm water, urban run-off full of fertilizer and partially treated sewage discharged off Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and Los Angeles, scientists say. With the warming weather, they expect the blooms to become more robust.

On Saturday, at the 8th annual KelpFest in Laguna Beach, local ocean environmentalists and scientists will highlight the role of kelp as a filter in the ocean that among other things can help remove the nutrients that feed the harmful algae blooms, creating domoic acid in the water.

The event, hosted by Laguna Ocean Foundation and…

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