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Keyless entry car hack warning – THESE cars can be stolen in seconds | Cars | Life & Style

The Sun revealed vehicles from 30 manufacturers which could be unlocked and started using one simple hack. 

A German company ADAC, used radio transmitters to test which cars could be broken in to. BMW, Audi, Ford, Land Rover, Hyundai Renault and VW were among the manufacturers whose cars are at risk from hackers. 

A whopping 110 cars from 27 different manufacturers were found to be at risk .

Of the cars the company tested, the only one they ADAC couldn’t gain entry into was the BMW i3, but ADAC were able to start the engine. 

An ADAC spokesman told The Sun Online: “We are revealing this IT problem at more and more brands across different manufacturers.


These cars are most at risk from hackers using radio transmitters

“Thefts have been using these loopholes presumably for years, without car manufacturers providing an effective solution – which shows that the automotive industry still has very much to catch up to other sectors of the economy with regards to IT security.

“All the more since keyless systems are also available for small and medium-sized cars and offered partly as standard configuration, manufacturers are called upon to effectively protect vehicle electronics.”

Devices that can be used to do this are widely available online on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

The device used in the test can apparently be bought for £80. 


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